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Here are all the up and coming enquiry topics and events.

Topic Venue Presenter Date Time
Does Our Universe Exist? The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) Jubin 21/08/2017 14:30
Google et al? The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) PaulvT 22/08/2017 18:30
Punishment! Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Gordon Barker 22/08/2017 19:15
PIPS Symposium Russell, Jim and Arthur 23/08/2017 11:30
The Past - 'The Cult of Memory: When History Does More Harm than Good' The Present: The New Optimists: 'We've Never had it so Good' The Future: 'Utopia or Dystopia'? Venues T.B.C.
Loyalty? The Halfway House (Childwall) David 24/08/2017 19:15
Fake History The Friday Forum (Liverpool) Siobhan 25/08/2017 14:00
Continuing to meet in Cafe at bottom of Catholic Cathedral
Existentialism? The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) Joan (Open forum) 28/08/2017 14:30
Open Forum The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) All 29/08/2017 18:30
Biological determinism? The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) Tate 04/09/2017 14:30
How free are we in our actions, thoughts and speech? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Group 04/09/2017 19:00
Why is there something rather than nothing? The Major (Ramsbottom) Lloyd (MMU Philosophy Dept.) 04/09/2017 19:30
Population control The Cock Hotel (Wellington) 06/09/2017 19:00
Is our universe real? The Windmill (Southport) Jubin 06/09/2017 19:00
Is media changing for the better? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) 06/09/2017 19:30
TBA STAMPS (Crosby) 07/09/2017 19:00
Morality of Foreign Affairs? The Casa Bar (Liverpool) Alan Barton 09/09/2017 11:00
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Harkers (Chester) Russell 10/09/2017 16:00
Chester LIPS
Millionaires on shop floor (Wittgenstein The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) Tony 11/09/2017 14:30
Moral Foreign Affairs? Bluecoat Art Centre (Liverpool) Peter McNaughton 12/09/2017 13:00
Does power often preclude rights? Borough Arms Hotel (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Open forum 13/09/2017 19:30
Phenomenology (part 2) The Halfway House (Childwall) Paula P 14/09/2017 19:15
The Law of Attraction? The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) Alan Swift 18/09/2017 14:30
Is boredom of value? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) Philip 20/09/2017 19:30
Please try to pay attention.
Marx's Theory Study Group Jack Jones House Paul B Smith 21/09/2017 18:00
The meeting will continue our reading of Sections from Vol 3 of Marx’s  Capital, Chapters 21 to 26, on  Interest , Credit and Finance, following the format of David Harvey’s lectures, available free online
Fake History Bluecoat Art Centre (Liverpool) Siobhan Macleavy 26/09/2017 13:00
Social Justice! The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Group 04/10/2017 19:00
Is the struggle to promote social justice, good, misguided or dangerous?
Open Forum The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) You? 04/10/2017 19:30
Bring your ideas, concerns and queries.
Science and Religion: friends or foes? Borough Arms Hotel (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Open forum 11/10/2017 19:30
TBA The Casa Bar (Liverpool) 14/10/2017 11:00
Can one believe in Science and Religion? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) The Inquisition... 18/10/2017 19:30
No Auto de Fait, please. Reasoned arguements welcome.
Marx Theory Study group Jack Jones House Paul Boulton Smith 19/10/2017 18:00
Is Civil Disobedience justifiable in a democracy? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) 01/11/2017 19:30
As broad a topic as you care to make it.
Truth - how can we get to it? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Group 06/11/2017 19:00
Is it insane to ignore mental illness? Borough Arms Hotel (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Open forum 08/11/2017 19:30
Will technology stop us evolving? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) 15/11/2017 19:30
Would that be a bad thing?
Should we optimists or pessimists about life? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Group 04/12/2017 19:00
What is the purpose of Education? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) 06/12/2017 19:30
Pay attention at the back!
Has Christmas past its sell-by date? Borough Arms Hotel (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Open forum 13/12/2017 19:30
Open Forum The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) 20/12/2017 19:30
Forum? Or agin 'em? Bring your ideas.
Does Gender matter? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) 03/01/2018 19:30
Vive la WHAT!?
Is it OK to suspend human rights for the greater good? The Blind Pig (Monton, Eccles) 17/01/2018 19:30
What is the 'Greater Good'?