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Frodsham Community Centre

Address: Fluin Lane, Frodsham, WA6 7ON

Link: http://centre.frodcomm.org.uk/

Upcoming Topics/Events

Topic Proposed Date Time
POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: The Liberal Society and its Critics. Derek Meakin 28/05/2019 10:30
This topic starts from the premise that Britain today is a liberal society facing criticisms from both the right and the left of the political spectrum.But when we speak of a liberal society what do we mean? And what are these criticisms? Do they have substance and can they be met? Can liberal societies survive? This is an introductory session and no previous experience in political philosophy is required.
EXISTENTIALISM REVISITED Richard Johnson 11/06/2019 10:30
Though famous as the feminist author of The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir is also known for her incisive study of ethics in her book The Ethics of Ambiguity. Albert Camus, by contrast, focused on human existence as a whole, which he characterized as absurd. What did Beauvoir mean by ethical ambiguity? What did Camus mean by absurdity? What did these two thinkers contribute to existentialist philosophy? These will be our main questions.This is an introductory course and all are welcome. Richard Johnson will examine de Beauvoir's ethics of ambiguity and Derek Meakin will discuss Camus' claim that human existence is absurd.

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