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Here are all the up and coming enquiry topics and events.

Topic Venue Presenter Date Time
Does disability deserve advantage? The Crown (Liverpool) Allen 19/08/2019 14:15
The Unconsoled The Vernon Keith 19/08/2019 18:15
Is the Bible a Textbook for Modern Living? The Victoria Ben 20/08/2019 18:30
RISK! The Rose & Crown (Bebington) Martin 21/08/2019 13:00
The Veil of Ignorance The Royal Clifton Hotel (Southport) Neil 21/08/2019 19:00
Why do we expect the Univers of Randomness to be fair? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Jane 21/08/2019 19:30
TBA The Greyhound (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Open forum 21/08/2019 19:30
Aubade (the poem) Halfway House (Childwall) Open forum 22/08/2019 19:15
An aubade – the term is from the French – is a song or poem in praise of the dawn, but Philip Larkin’s ‘Aubade’ is somewhat different. Although the meditation in the poem takes place during the early hours of the morning, there is none of the celebratory zest found so often in poetic aubades. Instead, Philip Larkin’s ‘Aubade’ is a poem about death, and specifically the poet’s own growing sense of his mortality. Link to poem: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/48422/aubade-56d229a6e2f07
Time The Friday Forum Corrie 23/08/2019 14:00
Piazza cafe as usual. Do drop in.
Policing! The Crown (Liverpool) Open forum 26/08/2019 14:15
Open Forum The Victoria 27/08/2019 18:30
Would a woman's world be better? The Crown (Liverpool) Open forum 02/09/2019 14:15
How can we achieve Happiness? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The group 02/09/2019 19:00
Open Forum Ramsbottom (Rose & Crown) The group 02/09/2019 19:30
Open Forum The Dog & Partridge (Sheffield) Rosie 02/09/2019 19:45
TBA The Rose & Crown (Bebington) Open forum 04/09/2019 13:00
The Philosophy of Leadership The Cock Hotel (Wellington) Tim 04/09/2019 19:00
Is it ever possible to lose one's sense of self? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 04/09/2019 19:30
Open Forum The Plough Inn (Herefordshire) The group 04/09/2019 20:00
Is Life about Suffering? The Woodthorpe (Prestwich) Len 09/09/2019 20:00
New Leeds PIP group The Pack Horse (Leeds) Oli Gomersall 11/09/2019 18:00
Grand opening tonight! See you there
Should we teach doubt or certainty? Halfway House (Childwall) Edna 12/09/2019 19:15
If we could, should we turn off the internet? The Casa Bar (Liverpool) Siobhan 14/09/2019 11:00
The Frolic of the Beasts The Vernon Mary 16/09/2019 18:15
On your Marx... The Perch Rock (New Brighton) The group 16/09/2019 19:00
On your Marx, get set, revolt! Revolutions are as old as human society, about re-engineering and economics to map out an alternative classless world. The term communism goes back as far as, yes, you’ve guessed it, Aristotle’s The Politics and most probably earlier. However, Marx’s critique of Capitalism was a catalyst to a succession of great literature on the evil’s this economic system that continues to this day, for example Piketty’s Capital of 2013. A discussion on the continued relevance of Marx and his peers is unavoidable in any review of modern political theory.
With our society so divided, how can we build bridges? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 18/09/2019 19:30
Marx Study Group - Reading 'Capital' Chapters 4, 5 and 6 Vol.1 Jack Jones House Paul Smith 19/09/2019 18:00
Transformation of Money into Capital
Intuition? Halfway House (Childwall) Open forum 26/09/2019 19:15
Conscious AI The Cock Hotel (Wellington) Brian 02/10/2019 19:00
The changing face of marriage in the C21st. Discuss. The Blue Bell (Eccles) 02/10/2019 19:30
Surveillance/punishment on Social Media? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) Open forum 07/10/2019 19:00
What is good/bad about the surveillance and punishment of what some people say on social media and elsewhere?
Why worry? Halfway House (Childwall) Open forum 10/10/2019 19:15
What is Sanity? The Woodthorpe (Prestwich) Estelle 14/10/2019 20:00
When does optimism become foolhardiness? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 16/10/2019 19:30
Pereira Maintains The Vernon Jim 21/10/2019 18:15
Is war functional for society? The Perch Rock (New Brighton) Open forum 21/10/2019 19:00
Is war functional for society? Some of you may recall that last year Mike encouraged us to look at Emile Durkheim’s theory that crime is functional for society. This approach moves beyond that idea and, perhaps, gives a different slant on Just War theory. Are there any positive consequences to large scale violence?
Spirituality and Mind? Halfway House (Childwall) Paul D 24/10/2019 19:15
What are most entertaining Fictions and Fallacies today? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) Open forum 04/11/2019 19:00
Jeremy Bentham (1824) wrote wittily about fictions and fallacies based on what he learned when studying the House of Commons. What are the most entertaining Fictions and Fallacies today?
Is Political Violence Ever Justified? The Cock Hotel (Wellington) Jamie 06/11/2019 19:00
To be revealed on the night! The Exchange (Leicester) Clare 06/11/2019 19:20
How to live a good life? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 06/11/2019 19:30
ANARCHISM? The Woodthorpe (Prestwich) TBA 11/11/2019 20:00
Can we live without rules?
Have our politicians let us down? The Perch Rock (New Brighton) Open forum 18/11/2019 19:00
Have our politicians let us down? We have seen recent referendums capture the attention of the public and lead to large voting turnouts. However, have the resultant divisions and political turmoil been worth it. This is a non-partisan look at the machinery of today's politics and those that manage and/or exploit them. Are there better alternatives? What do contemporary philosophers say on these matters? What you say on these matters, matters much more! This is the last, at least for this year, in our series on political philosophy.
Humane farming; is it possible? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 20/11/2019 19:30
What is Literature? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) Open forum 02/12/2019 19:00
Should Bob Dylan have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Is Man an Animal Like any Other? The Cock Hotel (Wellington) Sylvie 04/12/2019 19:00
Euthanasia. Compassion or murder? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 04/12/2019 19:30
Christmas Special... The Woodthorpe (Prestwich) Phil 09/12/2019 20:00
Stepping through the Ages The Perch Rock (New Brighton) Open forum 16/12/2019 19:00
There have been numerous attempts to categorise the various phases of life, such as the Three Ages of Man by Titian or the Seven Ages of Man by Shakespeare. These artists have used their talents to examine and express the challenges we all face as we transition between different stages in our lives. The Philosophy of Change looks at how we live our lives and cope with these changes. How do we handle these challenges today and are there new factors that will make this easier or harder for our children?
Xmas? To be confirmed. The Blue Bell (Eccles) 18/12/2019 19:30
Can we teach empathy? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 15/01/2020 19:30
Restrict speech? See note. The Blue Bell (Eccles) 05/02/2020 19:30
Lordable attempts to restrict speech can quickly become a tool to silence critics and oppress minorities" Obama 2012. Discuss.
How do we prioritise conflicting rights? (Who's rights are more right?) The Blue Bell (Eccles) 19/02/2020 19:30
When is it appropriate to keep secrets? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 04/03/2020 19:30
How do we stay human in a digital landscape? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 18/03/2020 19:30
Should animals have rights? The Blue Bell (Eccles) 01/04/2020 19:30