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Here are all the up and coming enquiry topics and events.

Topic Venue Presenter Date Time
What is Spiritual Atheism? The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) Sonia 19/02/2019 18:30
Business Ethics? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) John W 19/02/2019 19:15
I am offended! Rose and Crown (Bebington Village) Martin 20/02/2019 13:00
How do you measure Happiness? The Clifton Hotel conservatory (Southport) Steve 20/02/2019 19:00
Are my principles more important than your life? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Peter 20/02/2019 19:30
Is it a difficult decision?
Marx on Brexit Jack Jones House (Unite Bldg) Open forum 21/02/2019 18:00
What would a Marxian understanding of Brexit look like?
Humanism The Friday Forum (Liverpool) Corrie 22/02/2019 14:00
All are welcome to the Piazza cafe this Friday
The Problem of A I The Crown Hotel (Liverpool) John Harris 25/02/2019 14:15
Over-consumption... Bluecoat Art Centre (Liverpool) Siobhan 26/02/2019 13:00
Postmodernism The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) Paul T. 26/02/2019 18:30
Politics in Advertising Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Michael G 26/02/2019 19:15
Disappointment The George Hotel (Bridport) 27/02/2019 19:30
Time to tell (a look at how we tick) Flannagans Apple (Liverpool) Ronald Green 28/02/2019 18:30
A talk about a theory of time, in which what is naturally taken for granted is challenged, such as the existence of 'now', a fixed past and an open future, and the forging of a link between philosophy and science, blowing away cobwebs that obscure both from each other.
Brave New World The Queen Hotel (Chester) John 03/03/2019 14:00
Chester Literature in Pubs (CLIPS)
Straight and Crooked Thinking The Sportsman (Huddersfield) Robert Thouless 04/03/2019 19:00
How can we protect ourselves from crooked thinking and learn to think straight?
TBA The Dog & Partridge (Sheffield) Rosie 04/03/2019 19:40
Kantian Philosophy Frodsham Community Centre Derek Meakin 05/03/2019 10:30
This is an introductory course. Previous acquaintance with the subject is not required. Further enquiries, emai johnsonvlntn@aol.com
Traditional Stupidity The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) Tommy 05/03/2019 18:30
Humour? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Peter 05/03/2019 19:15
Is Frankie Boyle funny?
Intelligence and Mind? Rose and Crown (Bebington Village) Russell 06/03/2019 13:00
Hans Rosling & the Gapminder Foundation; Explore The Blue Bell (Eccles) Laura 06/03/2019 19:30
Checl Google for an explanation of the question.
Sovereignty? The Casa Bar (Liverpool) Alan Barton 09/03/2019 11:00
Against Empathy Lime Kiln (Concert Square) Mike 11/03/2019 18:00
Money The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) Maureen 12/03/2019 18:30
TBA The Jug and Bottle (Heswell) The group 12/03/2019 19:00
Soul? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Chris 12/03/2019 19:15
Stoicism The Greyhound (Ormskirk) 14/03/2019 07:30
Goodbye to Berlin The Vernon Mary 18/03/2019 18:00
Liverpool Literature in Pubs Christopher Isherwood novel
So whats so wrong with European Law? The Perch Rock Hotel (New Brighton) Open forum 18/03/2019 19:00
As we head towards Brexit and leave behind the European jurisdiction managed out of Brussels, what have we rejected? This looks at the role of legal systems in society and explores a number of questions. Who makes the law? Who’s interests are best served by the law? Is the law better or worse if it is designed for larger communities? If we take back control of the law, who gets that control?
Kant Can't, But You Can The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) Paul T. 19/03/2019 18:30
Abortion: right/wrong? Keith's Wine Bar (L'pool South) Open forum 19/03/2019 19:15
Let's talk about Art! Rose and Crown (Bebington Village) Open forum 20/03/2019 13:00
Is art keeping up with change? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Group 20/03/2019 19:30
Open Forum The Victoria Hotel (Waterloo) 26/03/2019 18:30
How can you practice philosophy as a way of life? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The group 01/04/2019 19:00
Foucaults' docile bodies; Discuss. The Blue Bell (Eccles) James 03/04/2019 19:30
Check Google to see what the question is about.
Enduring Love The Queen Hotel (Chester) Russell 07/04/2019 14:00
Chester Literature in Pubs CLIPS
No-Platforming / Hate speech ? The Casa Bar (Liverpool) Open forum 13/04/2019 11:00
Freedom of the Will (Nietzsche) Lime Kiln (Concert Square) Russell 14/04/2019 18:00
On Green Dolphin Street The Vernon Keith 15/04/2019 18:00
Sebastian Faulks novel at Liverpool Literature in Pubs (LIPS)
Machiavelli: father of political realism. The Perch Rock Hotel (New Brighton) The group 15/04/2019 19:00
Political Realism can again be traced back to the Greeks, but Machiavelli’s The Prince is often referenced as the text that promoted these ideas at the start of the Modern era. As in February, this topic should give us the scope to further develop our understanding of political theory, building on the foundations laid down by Aristotle and explore others that have taken the “might is right” approach to politics. I am sure we will have views on the fact that this approach is not confined to history.
How can we use philosophy to help us live? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Phil 17/04/2019 19:30
Human rights vs responsibilities The Blue Bell (Eccles) Sarah 01/05/2019 19:30
The Testament of Mary The Queen Hotel (Chester) Claire 05/05/2019 14:00
Chester Literature in Pubs CLIPS
Ruskin Lime Kiln (Concert Square) Tad 13/05/2019 18:00
Can socialism succeed in the 21st century? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The group 13/05/2019 19:00
Are we as a species able to stop the destruction of the natural world? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Trish 15/05/2019 19:30
Work: who needs it? The Perch Rock Hotel (New Brighton) The group 20/05/2019 19:00
Following the end of the Finnish trial of Universal Income, what lessons have we learnt? The future of work was raised in our session in January, so by looking at the Finnish experiment we should have some data to inform our discussion
What are our - selves? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The group 03/06/2019 19:00
What are our 'selves' - brains? regenerating bodies? social constructions? or something else?
What does it mean to be a grown-up? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Jenny 05/06/2019 19:30
When the milestones of adulthood are delayed...
What is my purpose in society? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Joerge 19/06/2019 19:30
Listening to Joerge?
Priests, Politicians and Virtue. The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The group 01/07/2019 19:00
Priest and politicians claim to be virtuous - are they? How should they be virtuous?
Benefits of philosophical thinking - Discuss. The Blue Bell (Eccles) Mike 03/07/2019 19:30
Why do we have huge inequalities? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Peter 17/07/2019 19:30
Be prepared to make an equal contribution.
Bullshit Jobs? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Sportsmen 05/08/2019 19:00
What kind of jobs are the bullshit jobs? Which could be removed or replaced by a computer system, with little negative impact? (David Graeber book 2018)
How can we formulate philosophical questions? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Maggie 07/08/2019 19:30
How should I know?
Why do we expect the Universe of Randomness to be fair? The Blue Bell (Eccles) Jane 21/08/2019 19:30
How can we achieve happiness? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Sportsmen 02/09/2019 19:00
Today's Fictions and Fallacies The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Sportsmen 04/11/2019 19:00
Jeremy Bentham (1824) wrote wittily about fictions and fallacies based on what he learned when studying the House of Commons. What are the most entertaining (or possibly insidious) fictions and fallacies today?
What is good literature? The Sportsman (Huddersfield) The Sportsmen 02/12/2019 19:00
What is good literature? Should Bob Dylan have been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature?
We choose the evenings topic on the night The Exchange (Leicester) Group 02/12/2020 00:00