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City Centre group (Liverpool)

Address: The Vernon, 69 Dale Street,, City Centre, Liverpool, L2 2HJ

Times: Mondays 2 pm (Weekly)

Notes: Contact: Paul 07743 533 509

Upcoming Topics/Events

Topic Proposed Date Time
A not yet known question from a not yet known stimulus Dulcie 18/01/2021 13:30
1.Contemplate Stimulus 2.Concepts/Interests 3.Question negotiation. 4.First Thoughts 5.Philosophical Inquiry 6.Final Thoughts 7.Short Poll re the session and the 4 c's....... Meeting ID: 933 041 9719..... Passcode: philosophy
The Limits of Free Speech? Robert 25/01/2021 13:30
Trump has been thrown off Twitter. What does this mean for Free Speech?

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