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Halfway House (Childwall)

Address: Woolton Road , Liverpool , L16 8NE

Times: Every 2nd + 4th Thur (7.15pm)

Upcoming Topics/Events

Topic Proposed Date Time
Aubade (the poem) Open forum 22/08/2019 19:15
An aubade – the term is from the French – is a song or poem in praise of the dawn, but Philip Larkin’s ‘Aubade’ is somewhat different. Although the meditation in the poem takes place during the early hours of the morning, there is none of the celebratory zest found so often in poetic aubades. Instead, Philip Larkin’s ‘Aubade’ is a poem about death, and specifically the poet’s own growing sense of his mortality. Link to poem: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/48422/aubade-56d229a6e2f07
Should we teach doubt or certainty? Edna 12/09/2019 19:15
Intuition? Open forum 26/09/2019 19:15
Why worry? Open forum 10/10/2019 19:15
Spirituality and Mind? Paul D 24/10/2019 19:15

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