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The Perch Rock (New Brighton)

Address: 7 Grosvenor Rd (Victoria Road), Wallasey , The Wirral, 5 Charlton Road, CH45 2LW

Phone: Paul: 07743533509

Times: Meets every 3rd Mon of month (7pm)

Notes: Contact Andrew on: amyns42@yahoo.co.uk

Link: https://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/perch-rock-hotel-wallasey

Upcoming Topics/Events

Topic Proposed Date Time
Stepping through the Ages Open forum 16/12/2019 19:00
There have been numerous attempts to categorise the various phases of life, such as the Three Ages of Man by Titian or the Seven Ages of Man by Shakespeare. These artists have used their talents to examine and express the challenges we all face as we transition between different stages in our lives. The Philosophy of Change looks at how we live our lives and cope with these changes. How do we handle these challenges today and are there new factors that will make this easier or harder for our children?

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