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The Friday Forum

Address: The Piazza Cafe, Bottom of Catholic Cathedral Steps, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool City Centre, L3 5TQ

Phone: 07421 466 894

Times: Meets every 4th Fri of month

Notes: Corrie: louiselowry333@gmail.com

Upcoming Topics/Events

Topic Proposed Date Time
Today's Zeitgeist? Fri forum 22/01/2021 14:00
Zeitgeist is originally an expression in German. The spirit (Geist) of the time (Zeit.) It describes the conceptual and cultural environment of a period of time. In 1807, Hegel developed his ideas in the Phenomenology of Spirit, which based its conception of history on dialectics, i.e., opposing ideas combining together to produce a syntheses that encapsulates the best of both ideas ...... Zoom details... Meeting ID: 626 375 2284 .....Passcode: Kant

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